People Risk Management

People Risk Management is the management of a business’ biggest risk, its employees.  Most business owners carry insurance for their Property, Liability & Auto exposure but the cost of protection does not stop there. Businesses can spend thousands of dollars a year on employee training/certifications, creating employee handbooks, keeping up to date with compliance standards and tracking employee performance. People Risk Management is an effective and efficient solution for People Risk mitigation.


How can People Risk Management help my business?

  • Save Time – everything from HR Solutions to Training/Certification & Professional Development courses in one place
  • Save Money – stay compliant & up to date with all Federal, State and OSHA regulations for no additional cost
  • Save Energy – use extra energy to grow your business instead of letting it be wasted on worry

What do I get with People Risk Management Resources?

  • Access to live, Certified HR Advisors who can provide solutions for challenging People Risk issues
  • Ability to create a customizable Federal and State compliant handbook that incorporates unique polices, employee e-signature tracking and policy alerts as regulations change
  • Extensive e-library with guides, checklists, and informative reports for all things HR
  • Training & Certification courses that assist with compliance, improve safety, foster development, and improve engagement
  • Ongoing updates of Compliance News, Expert Analysis, Monthly Newsletters & Accredited Webinars

What can I expect when I contact a People Risk Advisor?

Speaking with a People Risk Advisor is no different than meeting with an insurance agent EXCEPT that the conversation includes a focus on the potential risks that exist within your employee work force.  A People Risk Advisor looks at your insurance risks as a whole and designs an insurance program that not only protects the external exposures your business encounters, but offers solutions and resources to help you manage the day to day exposures inside your business, those created by your employees.

People Risk Management FAQs

A. Access to Think HR, Sprouse Insurance’s People Risk Management Solution, is free for our clients.

A. Yes. Any size business can benefit from People Risk Management.

A. People Risk is Insurance Risk. Having an up to date Employee Handbook, Proper Training/Certifications, or a Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Procedure could help reduce the chance of an insurance claim.

  • Do you have employees?
  • Could your business benefit from additional training/certifications?
  • Are you concerned about Compliance, OSHA regulation or Policy & Procedure Development?
  • Is your Employee Handbook out of date?

If you answered yes to any of these, talking to a People Risk Advisor is right for you!

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