People Risk Management

People Risk is the part of a company’s exposure that is created by simply having employees.  Most business owners understand how their property, liability and auto insurance create risk for their business, but what about the underlying internal risk such as employer compliance, hiring and firing, COVID-19 policy & procedure, employee performance, training and certification that cost thousands of dollars every year?  This is where People Risk Management comes in to further protect your bottom line.


How does People Risk Management help my business?

  • Save Time – by allowing our employee resource and solutions do the heavy lifting with HR issues
  • Save Money – by staying compliant with all Federal, State and OSHA regulations as well as utilizing employee training and certification platforms at no additional cost
  • Remove Headaches – by being certain that your HR responsibilities are locked down allowing you to focus on developing your employees and growing your business

What do I get with a People Risk Advisor?

  • Access to Live, SPHR and PHR Certified HR Advisors providing solutions to prevent and resolve your challenging People Risk issues
  • Federal and State level compliant handbook that incorporates unique polices, employee e-signature tracking and policy alerts as regulations change
  • Extensive content library with guides, checklists and whitepapers designed to assist in navigating your people risk management issues
  • Training and Certification courses that create compliance, improve safety, foster development, and improve engagement
  • Ongoing updates with breaking compliance news, expert analysis through alerts, monthly newsletters and accredited webinars

What can I expect when I contact a People Risk Advisor?

Speaking with a people risk advisor is no different than meeting with an insurance agent EXCEPT that the conversation starts from the inside out with a focus on the potential risks that exist within your employee work force.

A people risk advisor looks at your insurance risks as a whole and designs an insurance program that not only protects the external exposures your business encounters, but offers solutions and resources to help you manage the day to day exposures inside your business…..those created by your employees. 

People Risk Management FAQs

A. $0.  Access to Think HR, Sprouse Insurance’s People Risk Management Solution, is free to our clients.

Insurance Risks focus on external exposures like Damage to Property, Liability for Bodily Injury and Property Damage resulting from your work or Commercial Auto Liability. People Risks focus on the exposures created by having employees; things like Compliance, Process and Procedure Development around Hiring, Firing, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination as well as employee Training and Certification etc..

A.  GREAT QUESTION!  Most insurance brokers focus on the external risks of their business clients while failing to help them understand how their People Risk can just as easily impact the future of their business.

A.  If you have employees but have nobody managing the HR aspect of your business OR even if you do have an HR manager overseeing this critical aspect of your company, the resources and solutions provided by a People Risk Manager will save you time, money and stress so that you can focus on continuing to grow your business.

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