Client Testimonials

“Just so you know when you are talking to people about Hastings, they have AMAZING customer service! This is the first time I’ve had to do this in my life and everyone can not believe how easy it has been with them. They even accepted the quote the first time, the shop is a friend of a family so I know he probably gave me a little bit of a deal but he couldn’t believe they didn’t try to change anything! Great company.“


“My wife and I continue to appreciate the exceptional service from Sprouse Insurance all these years.”


“Sprouse insurance is wonderful! The employees are great to work with.”


Best customer service from an agency we’ve ever received! Recommend to anyone in the market who’s ready for a positive change in insurance services!!


“Very personal experience. They have always done their best to get you want you need & want in a policy. Very easy to deal with and make changes. I used this agency when I was young and came back after I had moved away for several years. Even after all the time I had been gone I remembered how great they were and still are!”


“Sprouse has wonderful agents who are easy to work with! They all take the time they need to find you the best available rates.”


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