Can being a safe driver save me money?

The short answer is, yes—being a safe driver can and will save you money.
Distracted and aggressive driving is not only dangerous to you and other drivers on the
road— but it also puts you at higher risk for tickets and costly accidents, you could also
risk the lives of the people around you.
Beyond the life-threatening consequences of poor driving, distracted and reckless
driving could also cost you money. Defensive driving will not only make you a safer and
more confident driver but it will also save you hundreds of dollars per year with your
insurance costs.

Companies will reward you for safe driving practices.

A clear driving record free of accidents, speeding tickets, or other moving violations —
can dramatically reduce the amount you pay toward your auto insurance each month.
Some insurance companies will even offer a discount for having a clean driving record.

Avoid traffic tickets

Getting a speeding ticket won’t only ruin your day, but it will also cost you. In Ohio,
speeding tickets are a minimum of $136 per offense. Speeding tickets will also add
points to your driving record which could impact your premiums on your insurance.
Obtaining too many tickets will limit your chances of being insured and will also put you
at risk of losing your license.

Save money on fuel

According to the Department of Energy’s FuelEconomy.gov, aggressive driving —
speeding, rapid acceleration, and hard braking — can lower your car’s gas mileage by
33% at highway speeds and by 5% when you’re driving in town.
By being a safe driver and abiding by the speed limit, you will be able to save at the
pump. This is especially crucial when gas prices are high. Every little cost savings will

Spend less on maintenance and repairs

Distracted driving will not only cost you with possible tickets, but it could also have
damaging effects on your car. Poor handling of your vehicle can lead to premature
failure of brakes, transmission, and engine. These are all costly repairs that could be
prolonged if you properly maintain and operate your car.
Distracted driving could lead to small fender benders, while they are not as serious as
car accidents, the cost of constantly sending your car for repairs can add up.

Driving safe always wins

Overall, there are many ways that you can save money on your car insurance. Many of
these ways stem back to being a safe and alert driver.
Getting rid of distractions is the easiest way to be a safer driver. You should always put
away your cell phone, reduce playing with your car accessories such as the radio, ac,
and windows, and pay close attention to the road.

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