Do speeding tickets affect my car insurance?

Do you have a lead foot? It is a common practice for drivers to keep up with the flow of
traffic regardless of the speed limit. It is even common for drivers to follow the old adage
“Nine you’re fine, Ten you’re mine,” referring to how much faster than the speed limit
you can go. However, getting a speeding ticket can cost you several hundreds of dollars
depending on how fast you were going over the limit and what state you’re located in.

How long do speeding tickets stay on my record?

The length of time a speeding ticket stays on your record will vary depending on the
state you live in. In Ohio, speeding tickets can stay on your record for three years.
During these three years, tickets can affect your driver’s license points, driving
privileges, and your car insurance rates.
Your driver’s license can be suspended by the state of Ohio if you receive 12 points
within two years. On average a minor speeding ticket will add 2 points to your record
and major speeding tickets will add 3.

Will my insurance premium increase due to a speeding ticket?

The fine associated with the speeding ticket typically isn’t the only financial
consequence you will face. In many cases, you will see an increase in your monthly car
insurance premium. Typically, if you have a clean record, one speeding ticket will not
have a major impact on your monthly premiums. If you receive a second speeding
ticket, however, that violation will most likely lead to a higher premium.
It is a common practice for insurance companies to regularly review the driving records
of the people that they insure. When this review happens in many cases they have the
ability to raise the rates for drivers with excessive points on their licenses. How much
your premium is raised is dependent on the insurance provider and the severity of the
traffic violation.
After a review, if you are on the list of insured who will get their premiums raised, your
rate could increase anywhere between 15% and 40%. Some providers are more lenient
than others, and while a speeding ticket will last longer on your record in some places,
its effect on your insurance typically decreases over time.

Similar to the fine of a speeding ticket, the more serious the violation–the higher the
fine; the more serious the violation is–the higher your premiums will be on your
Additionally, Every carrier has a different policy regarding traffic tickets and what impact
they have on your premium. For instance, your first speeding ticket may not affect your
rate at all if you’ve been a good driver and customer for many years without any past
violations or auto claims.

What to do if you have multiple moving violations.

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