Protecting Your Auto Dealership: A Comprehensive Guide to Auto Dealer Insurance in Ohio

As an auto dealer in Ohio, your business faces several inherent risks that extend far beyond showcasing your vehicles. Your inventory is susceptible to theft and damage, and the liability that comes with conducting business, employing staff, and interacting with hundreds of visitors each month is ever-present. This includes the very real possibility of someone filing a personal injury or omission claim against your dealership. Furthermore, consider the potential repercussions of buyers providing false information to secure a vehicle. Such an incident can be just as devastating to your business as a theft or damage to your inventory. That’s why having a comprehensive auto dealer insurance policy in Ohio is crucial. Sprouse Insurance, understanding that each business is unique, tailors policies to match your specific needs, ensuring you have the right coverage.


What Does the Policy Cover?

A comprehensive auto dealer insurance policy in Ohio offers a wide range of coverage options to safeguard your dealership. These include:

  • Property Damage and Bodily Injury: This coverage is essential for any potential damage related to lot and garage operations and accidents involving bodily injury.
  • Garage Keepers: Protects you from damage to autos and property left by customers on your premises.
  • Garage-Owned Autos: Provides coverage for damage to autos owned by the dealership on the lot or in storage.
  • Owned Autos: Offers protection for claims arising from vehicle ownership and disputes related to them.
  • Hired Autos: Covers vehicles you or your employees rent or borrow for business purposes.
  • Non-Owned Autos: Protects partners, employees, or members of households when using vehicles for your business or personal affairs.
  • Temporary Substitute Autos: Covers your owned autos in case they are disabled, and you must use a temporary vehicle.
  • Newly Acquired Autos: Protects new or additional vehicles acquired during the policy period.


Optional Coverage

Sprouse Insurance goes the extra mile by offering additional coverage options for your auto dealership, including:

  • Defective Product and Faulty Work Coverage: This coverage safeguards your business from the consequences of accidents caused by defective parts or work performed by your shop, resulting in property damage to your customer’s vehicle.
  • Customer Autos Actual Loss Sustained: This coverage ensures the complete protection of your customers’ vehicles by covering the actual loss, regardless of the dollar limit.


Cost-Effective Protection

Worried about the cost of securing your auto dealership with comprehensive insurance? Don’t be. Sprouse Insurance provides some of the most affordable protection available. They offer policies tailored to new and used car sales dealerships, providing an affordable way to eliminate the risks associated with maintaining a substantial inventory of garaged or open lot vehicles.

Auto dealer insurance is a fundamental aspect of safeguarding your dealership from the myriad risks associated with the business. With a comprehensive policy, you can protect your business from potential property damage, personal injury claims, and other liabilities. Sprouse Insurance is your trusted partner in this endeavor, offering tailored coverage that matches your unique business needs. So, as spring approaches and your dealership gears up for a bustling season, secure your peace of mind with the right insurance coverage designed to protect your auto dealership in Ohio.

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